About us


       Naster hot runner is aimed at solving the core technology of product quality, production efficiency, saving injection cost, and improving bad in injection mold. The company's technology originates from Germany . Combining 15 years of hot runner use experience, it served the domestic and foreign markets in 2011. Firstism, innovation, integrity, and customer first are the main operating bodies of our Naster hot runner. A large number of high-tech talents are the source of the company's development. It is our goal to provide high-quality and stable hot runner systems. These are derived from the company's high-tech talents, reasonable design concepts and experienced technical sales to provide comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services.

       The company has established several business departments and service centers at home and abroad to provide 24-hour service concept. Naster hot runner system has gained a good corporate image in TV / MONITER, automotive electronics, packaging, home appliances, and medical industries.

Corporate philosophy


What enterprises depend on for survival is efficiency and efficiency. Only by respecting these two rules can we maintain our own life and future development, and we can maintain the material security of every individual and every employee. However, the focus of these two is on effectiveness, seeking truth from facts, advancing with the times, and not being defeated, in order to stand on this increasingly competitive society.

"Create a valuable future and create benefits"

Mascube Four advantages

  • 15 years hot runner experience

  • Area of 3,000 square meters

  • Advanced mold manufacturing workshop

  • High-tech talents